Creating labels

Labels are one of the most powerful ways to organize and filter launches across TerraTrue. Every TerraTrue label belongs to a group. For example, you might create a “Product Team” label group with labels for individual teams within your org (e.g., “Marketing” and “Growth”). Users within your org can use labels to create Launchpad and Privacy Central filters that only show information most relevant to them.

Create labels page.

You can create new labels by going to the Labels setting. From there, click “+ Label Group” and begin typing in the name of your label group. Once you name the label group, you can:

  • Add and remove labels
  • Pick a color for the label group
  • Decide how labels will be sorted (alphabetically, by creation date, etc.)
  • Determine whether multiple labels from the group can be added to a single launch (e.g., you probably don’t want to let users add multiple product versions to a single launch)

Some common label groups from TerraTrue users are:

  • Business unit
  • Product team
  • Platform
  • Release version
  • Engineering complexity
  • Feature

Modifying labels

You can modify labels by opening the Labels setting, clicking the label group you’d like to edit, and then clicking the pencil icon to enable edit mode. In edit mode, you can change the label group name and color, add and remove labels, change how labels are sorted, and specify whether the label group will allow one or more labels to be added to a launch. When you’re done making changes, just hit the Save button.

Deleting labels

You can delete label groups by opening the Labels setting, clicking the label group you’d like to delete, and then clicking the trash can icon. To delete labels within a label group, see our instructions for modifying labels.