Adding new users

Automatic onboarding via Google Sign-In

Automatic onboarding is an opt-in feature that allows TerraTrue customers to automatically create new accounts when a user first attempts to log in using a Google Sign-In account that matches your org’s domain. This feature can be automatically enabled at any time by opening a support ticket. You can learn more in our auto-onboarding help center.

Importing users via CSV

If you already maintain a list of users you’d like to add to TerraTrue, you can automatically create accounts for those users by uploading your list in CSV format via the Import Users setting. We only require you to provide an email address and name for each user, but you can also include a list of permissions that you would like assigned to those users. To make things easier, you can also use our template.

Manual user creation

If you need to quickly add a new user, you can go to the Users setting and click Add New User. You’ll need to add a first name, last name, and email address for each user. You can also add:

  • Display name, which is a nickname that will be displayed on TerraTrue instead of the user’s first and last name; and
  • Permissions, which define how a user may use TerraTrue. You can also configure these later.


If you use Okta or OneLogin, you can also use SCIM to manage TerraTrue users. To get started, head over to the SCIM Configuration org setting. You can learn more in our Okta and OneLogin guides.

Editing existing users

Editing users is simple. From the Users setting, find the user you want to modify in the All Users table. Then click the three vertical dots next to their name. This will take you to a page where you can edit the user’s first name, last name, display name, and permissions. When you’re done making changes, click the Save button.