Whether you’re integrating TerraTrue into an existing privacy program or starting from scratch, TerraTrue makes it easy to identify and mitigate privacy risks before they become incidents.

TerraTrue’s privacy workflow is flexible enough to work with any privacy program. But, to get the most out of TerraTrue, you should start by answering a few key questions:

Who will create launches?

Launches are the first step in the privacy review process and help you track products, features, and processes that need privacy review.

Before introducing TerraTrue to your org, you should decide who will be responsible for creating launches. Think of launches as privacy tickets — a way for teams to identify work that may merit privacy review. Usually, launches are created by the people in your org that decide how you’ll use personal information. Here’s who we typically see play this role:

  • product managers
  • engineers
  • marketers
  • executives

If you’re tracking how your org uses employee data, members of your HR team will want to create launches too.

Many TerraTrue customers start by giving a few trusted partners — specific teams or product leads — the ability to create launches based on their product roadmap. Over time, it’s easy to bring more and more people into the fold.

When should launches be created?

TerraTrue can be used to track your entire product roadmap or only those products, features, and processes that use personal data in a new way.

If you’d like to use TerraTrue to track your entire product roadmap, we offer powerful features to organize launches — like labels and components — and simple ways to notify product teams when a launch doesn’t need to be reviewed.

If you only want to track products, features, and processes that use personal data in a new way, you’ll need to educate launch creators about the types of products and processes that need review. Many customers provide this education through an onboarding session or written guides. If you’d like help creating training materials, contact us for some helpful templates.

How early in the development process should launches be created?

For most customers, the answer is as soon as possible. Creating a launch takes only a few seconds and immediately notifies the privacy team that they’ll have a product or feature to review in the near future. This cuts down on last-minute negotiations, helps avoid wasted development time, and ensures a smoother review process for everyone.

How will launches be created?

Creating launches in TerraTrue is simple and powerful, but you can also create launches via Slack, Jira, and email.