TerraTrue’s Slack integration allows you to:

  • Create launches from Slack using the “/newlaunch” command
  • Sync TerraTrue comments with public Slack channels
  • Subscribing to TerraTrue notifications in Slack

Enabling the Slack integration

For the Slack integration to function, it must be approved by a user in your Slack workspace with the “App Manager” permission. If you’re unable to use the integration, reach out to your App Manager. This article provides more information about how to enable the Slack integration.

Creating launches

If you have a TerraTrue account with permissions to create launches, simply type “/newlaunch” in a public channel on Slack to create a launch. A new window will pop up where you can enter a launch title, description, and due date. When you’re done, click the “Create Launch” button. It’s that simple!

Syncing comments

If your org has enabled TerraTrue’s Slack integration, you’ll see a “Discuss in Slack” button on every launch summary page. To get started, simply click this button and choose:

  • Create a new channel to create a new channel on Slack to discuss the launch; or
  • Create a thread in an existing channel to create a new thread to discuss the launch.

Subscribing to org-wide notifications

You can display notifications of org-wide TerraTrue events, like launch creation and changes to privacy settings, in public Slack channels. To do so, type “/orgsub” in the channel you’d like to display the notifications and then select the notifications you’d like to receive. If you want to change your notifications, just use the “/orgsub” command to modify your choices.

You can unsubscribe from org-wide events at any time by typing “/orgunsub” in the channel.

Subscribing to launch-specific notifications

To subscribe to notifications about launch-specific events, enter the channel you’d like to display the notifications type “/launchsub ” followed by the launch number. For example, if you’d like to receive notifications about launch 178, type “/launchsub 178” in the channel. You’ll then be asked to confirm the types of notifications you want to receive.

You can modify these notifications at any time by using the “/launchsub” command again. You can also unsubscribe by typing “/launchunsub “ followed by the launch number.

Deleting comments sent via Slack

For most users, comments sent via Slack must be deleted in Slack. If the comment is deleted within two weeks of posting, it will automatically be deleted from TerraTrue too. After two weeks, only TerraTrue admins can remove these comments. Comments can be edited at any time.

Admins can delete any TerraTrue comments, but this will only remove the comment from within TerraTrue. Only the original commenter can remove messages within Slack.