Privacy Central lets you visualize your privacy program with rich dashboards and analytics that provide a granular view of how your org uses, retains, and shares data. With Privacy Central, you can maintain consistency across teams, spot trends, and drive better and faster decisions from product and legal teams.

Privacy Central helps you understand how your org uses data in a variety of ways. In this article, we’ll cover the personalized overview page, detailed processing information (data types, data uses, and third parties), and performing queries against your data. We have separate articles that discuss accessing your processing records and privacy assessments.

Getting started

Click the icon in the TerraTrue sidebar to launch Privacy Central. This opens the Privacy Central overview page, where you can add custom widgets to visualize how your org uses personal data and how your privacy program operates at scale.

Adding widgets

To add a widget to the overview page, click the “Add Widget” button and pick the widget you’d like to add. If there are any extra options to configure (like choosing a date range), you can do that on the widget itself.

Once you’ve found the perfect set of widgets for your personalized overview page, you can rearrange them by clicking and dragging them into position.

The Privacy Central overview page is unique to each user, so feel free to experiment and find the set of widgets that works best for you.

Viewing detailed processing information

Privacy Central has three separate sections for viewing detailed information about how your org uses data. You can access them by clicking “Data Types,” “Data Uses,” or “Third Parties” in the sidebar. In each section, you’ll see high-level statistics — like the most frequently used data types by your org — and the complete universe of data types, data uses, or third parties in your taxonomy.

You can click on individual data types, data uses, or third parties to get more detailed information, like how often a data type is used, the risk level associated with the data type, and the approved retention periods for that data type. You’ll also see a list of every related launch, which can be filtered by date, labels, retention period, and more.

TerraTrue customers use these detailed views for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Incident response. If a vendor tells you they’ve suffered a data breach, you can quickly find that vendor in Privacy Central and see exactly which products and data types are affected.
  • Complying with new laws and policies. If a new law or internal policy changes how you process data, you can quickly use Privacy Central to see which existing products or features may need to be updated.
  • Designing new products and features. Some PMs use Privacy Central to understand how their org is already using data, so they can align new products and features with what’s been approved in the past.

Querying launch data

Privacy Central also lets you perform queries against all of your data to find the exact information you need. To get started, click “Query Data” in the sidebar. From here, finding the information you need is simple.

First, select the type of data you would like to query — data types, data categories, data sources, data uses, third parties, and third-party categories. If you want a complete list of the elements used by your org, just click “Display Results.”

If you’d like to refine your results, switch on the “Advanced Query” toggle and refine your search with as many conditions as you would like. Click + to add new filters and “Display Results” when you’re done.

On the results page, you can click to export your results or “Save Query” if you think you’ll want to regularly revisit your search for the latest results.

Data queries are helpful when you need to quickly find and export information. For example, you can use queries to quickly update privacy notices by exporting all of the CCPA categories of data you sell or share.