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TerraTrue is the first pre-deployment privacy platform designed to work with product development – not against it. Identify, address, and tackle privacy & security risks before you ship a new product.

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Customer Stories

A new approach to privacy pays off for Foursquare

“People at Foursquare are taking our new approach to privacy so well that it’s kind of exploded. Legal and compliance don’t usually work in two-week sprints, but we do now with TerraTrue.”

Comply with latest laws such as GDPR and CCPA using TerraTrue
Shift Left Privacy

Know you’re doing privacy right.

TerraTrue plugs into the development lifecycle to make sure your company is always compliant. With real-time flags based on the latest laws and your policies, you and your teams can make informed decisions ahead of every launch.

Run a scalable, fast pre-deployment program that eliminates spreadsheets, manual ad-hoc processes, and compliance bottlenecks.

Works how you work

Designed for modern teams.

TerraTrue is simple, intuitive, and built by people who’ve done this before. Our customizable platform integrates with your existing tools like Jira, Slack, and Ironclad – and our APIs can fit your unique business needs. Collaborate and manage approvals across teams, all in one place.

Bring privacy into your products without slowing down development or rebuilding workflows.

Employee utilizing apps that are secured with TerraTrue
A messy conveyor belt of apps being organized for security.Jumbled old ways of forming a privacy program being fixed in TerraTrue
Scale with confidence

An intelligent and consistent approach to privacy.

Transform your manual, disjointed, and repetitive privacy program into a single, smart workflow. Using structured data, TerraTrue allows you to easily identify risks, complete assessments, and respond to DSARs or ROPAs. Plus, TerraTrue builds a library from past launches and reviews, so you’re never starting from scratch.

Move fast with a digital approach to privacy.

All-in-one privacy solution
Easy to set up. Easy to maintain.

Simplicity from day one.

We believe privacy programs shouldn’t be difficult to set up and run. Power a full program with TerraTrue out of the box, or use our point-and-click UI to build rich custom workflows in a snap.

Easily modify our platform to fit your needs without needing to hire expensive consultants or tax your dev teams.

People Working Together

Get everyone on one platform they'll love to use.

With smart features for your business, you can rest easy knowing we’ve got your back.


Instant insights about your data and privacy programs.

With TerraTrue, one click tells you everything about what data you collect, who you share it with, and how long you retain it.

Keep track of how teams are using data across the board with smart, insightful dashboards.

People analyzing data types and categories in their DSARs.

Ready to shift left to get privacy right?

Scale, speed, and simplicity. All in one platform.

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