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Make privacy impossibly simple

Complete privacy reviews in a fraction of the time. Use simple but powerful workflows to satisfy the lawyers without disrupting the way your engineers and PMs work.

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Map your data in real time

Say goodbye to data maps that become obsolete as soon as you ship new products. Create a living map of how your features collect, use, and share data — all in real time. You’ll know exactly how you use data and ensure org-wide consistency.

All teams - one platform

Get everyone on the same platform

TerraTrue brings your whole team onto a single privacy platform. Get the right information from the people building your products to the people reviewing them. Seamlessly and painlessly.

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Automate Privacy Workflows

Solve GDPR and CCPA Quickly and Simply

Set up a privacy-by-design program in an instant. Automate data flows from your PMs and engineers to your privacy teams. And launch confidently and quickly, knowing you’ve cinched the risks.

  • Get jargon-free, real-time privacy guidance that everyone can understand
  • Produce DPIA and LIA reports at the touch of a button
  • Take advantage of TerraTrue’s proprietary software to ensure privacy reviews are tailored to the feature you’re launching
  • Make CCPA compliance a breeze by automatically tracking and categorizing your data, vendors, and data sources as you build new features

Take the guesswork out of privacy reviews

TerraTrue’s intuitive workflows get rid of the uncertainty surrounding GDPR and CCPA, so your legal and compliance teams can do more in less time.

Ditch the spreadsheets, static templates, and jerry-rigged apps

TerraTrue gives you a tailor-made platform for handling privacy in today’s fast-paced software development lifecycle.


We’re ready to launch

TerraTrue is currently open for beta testing. We’re looking for fast-moving teams interested in helping us build the future of privacy.

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