Power an entire privacy program that works with your product development, not against it

TerraTrue gives your teams everything they need to move fast and still get privacy right. With a single workflow inside a single platform, TerraTrue learns what your teams are building, flags risks under GDPR and CCPA in real time, automates assessments, and seamlessly keeps your data maps and processing records up to date.


Processing records, data maps, and rich privacy insights automatically update as you release products and intelligently pre-populate the privacy workflows for new products.


Simple workflows help you understand how new products use data and automatically notify your product teams about potential privacy risks early in the design process.


Powerful launch management tools help you ensure that privacy risks are addressed before products go to market.

Product and Privacy come together in a single workflow inside a single platform


Privacy assessments are automatically tailored to meet the needs of your business and products, so you can work quickly without sacrificing rigor.


Comments, notifications, and integrations with Slack, Jira, and GitHub help you stay synced with your product teams throughout the development process.


Real-time feedback and recommendations eliminate GDPR and CCPA risks as you build, not after.

People having a meeting about their privacy workflow

Finally, privacy by design, designed for modern teams

TerraTrue is the only all-in-one privacy platform. Whether you're back at the office or running a distributed program, TerraTrue makes privacy impossibly simple, fast, and β€” dare we say it β€” delightful.

Structured data

CCPA & GDPR compliance

Automated assessments

ROPAs and data maps

Custom workflows and guidance

Real-time risk flagging

Unlock insights about your data and privacy program

When all your inputs and analyses are locked inside manual spreadsheets, it's impossible to drive scalable insights. But with TerraTrue, you can understand the big picture or zoom in on the smallest detail of your data β€” all in a click.

See what data you collect, who you share it with, and how long you retain it

TerraTrue makes it simple to understand the full lifecycle of your data. One click tells you everything about any data type, data use, third party, and so much more.

Knowledge transfer has never been so easy, or insightful

As you scale, it's hard to keep track of how you've used data and what privacy teams have said. TerraTrue solves that with dashboards that put the right info at everyone's fingertips.

Zoomed screenshot of privacy central data

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