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Privacy by design.

Think privacy programs have to be manual, slow, and inefficient? Think again. TerraTrue brings scale, speed, and simplicity to everything you do. All in one platform. All beautifully designed.

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Catch everything, without manually reviewing anything.

TerraTrue knows exactly what you’re building and maps it against GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, and your own privacy rules. So you can identify risks, spot privacy issues, and offer tailored guidance to product teams — all in real time.

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Digitize your privacy program

Privacy programs can’t scale or offer true automation if they still depend on manual spec documents and PRDs. TerraTrue captures product designs in structured data, unlocking scalable automation.

Spot GDPR and CCPA/CPRA risks as you build

TerraTrue embeds privacy regulations into the platform. So it can apply those rules to the products your teams build, making sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Give teams tailored privacy guidance. Automatically.

Craft detailed guidance and set rules around how data should be collected, retained, and shared. Then let TerraTrue deliver that guidance at scale.

Create powerful custom workflows in a few clicks

Power privacy, security, product counseling, and more with TerraTrue’s no-code UI. Leverage structured data to develop scalable, fast pre-deployment workflows.

Privacy will never be the bottleneck again

When you’re fighting to keep up with larger product and development teams, manual spreadsheets and legacy privacy software slow you down. Our platform syncs product and privacy with automated tools that break the manual chokehold, so privacy can move at the speed of innovation.

Automate assessments

TerraTrue knows when you need to do an assessment, and can tailor it to what you’re building. So you fly through even the thorniest DPIA without sacrificing rigor.

Break privacy from its silo

Bring product and privacy together in a single place, aligning them around a single, super-fast workflow.

Never ask the same question twice

Product and privacy teams no longer need to re-categorize, re-analyze, or re-record the same thing ever again.

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A smart privacy platform means your teams work even smarter

Traditional privacy programs are notoriously inefficient, relying on separate modules and processes for assessments, processing reports, data maps, and so on. Say goodbye to that madness. TerraTrue’s smart design efficiently re-channels a single workflow to satisfy everything you need to do.

Update records of processing and data maps automatically

TerraTrue keeps your Article 30 records up to date in real time as a natural extension of the work you already do inside TerraTrue. No separate modules. No separate questionnaires.

Unlock insights about your data and privacy program in a click

Understanding the entire lifecycle of your data has never been so easy or powerful. Run analytics, spot trends, and share knowledge with teams.

Take the guesswork out of privacy

TerraTrue understands how you’ve used data in the past and what you’ve approved, so it can smartly pre-populate workflows, saving product and privacy teams time and ensuring consistency.

Powerful out of the box. Easy to make your own.

You don’t need consultants or engineers to set up and run TerraTrue. Get going in hours, not weeks, thanks to simple no-code interfaces and powerful integrations.

Intuitive design, a beautiful UI, and rich turnkey functionality bring something new to privacy programs: Delight

You won’t waste money or your team’s time configuring TerraTrue. It’s ready from day one to power your entire privacy program with a modern, product-forward design that’s easy to customize. And even easier to love.

Integrate with the tools you already love

TerraTrue works with your product development, not against it. Slack, Jira, Ironclad, and GitHub integrations keep privacy and product teams synced and drive even faster innovation with greater confidence.

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