Why TerraTrue?

We’re building the future of privacy. Our tools empower teams to work security and privacy into everything they do, all without impeding execution or dampening innovation. We’re doing all that as an early-stage company thanks to our passion, our know-how, and the help of impossibly talented people. We’re looking for folks who share our passion and pride in ego-less collaboration. But that’s not all. We’re building a company where collegiality, respect, and good old-fashioned generosity of spirit are non-negotiable traits.

The only way we know how to build products that let teams thrive is by building a company where our own team thrives.

Businesswoman who joined our team that's building a data spec at TerraTrue

A small team with big perks

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100% paid benefits

We offer comprehensive PPO health, dental, and vision plans. And we pay 100% of the premiums for both you and your dependents. Because we want our team happy and healthy.

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Work. Life. Balance.

We offer a limitless-vacation policy, generous parental leave, and the flexibility to work where you’ll be most in the zone. Because we know great teams thrive only when their team members thrive.

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We reward our team with generous equity packages so that they’ll share in our long-term success.

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Everyone has a voice

We love working with whip-smart people who challenge conventions, think creatively, and don’t take themselves too seriously. So we encourage everyone to speak up — and listen to each other.

Saving costs on security.

401k with employer match

We truly believe our most important investment is our employees. So we help them invest in themselves.

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