Adapt Your privacy program for CCPA compliance

TerraTrue’s privacy-by-design platform enables teams to search across each of your products, features, and vendors to quickly review builds, releases, and data flows to flag CCPA compliance risks. With real-time guidance, teams can strengthen their privacy programs and better align their data practices with their risk tolerance posture.

Stay strong on privacy without slowing down your sprint cycle

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being accountable

Put the proper protections in place for employee and B2B data

When a Californian submits a deletion or access request, you’ll need to query not just your user datasets, but also your CRM and your personnel files. Ready for that? With TerraTrue, you will be.

find things with a single click

Align vendors with your CCPA protocols

Put the proper contracts and controls in place to ensure vendors & contractors abide by your data privacy policies.

understanding the idea

Get clarity & insight into how data is flowing throughout your organization

Discover where, when, and how data has been used to support each product in your org and to engage each vendor for your teams.

limit personal information

Limit your use of sensitive personal information (SPI)

Get the tailored guidance you need to begin honoring Californians’ requests to limit the use of their sensitive personal information

bringing code to new standards

Bring old code up to new standards

Run a gap analysis to check if your legacy products and features need to be adjusted to align with the CCPA’s requirements

identify the right processes

Navigate the CCPA’s gray areas with easeprotecting code

Each time the CCPA’s new enforcement agency provides guidance, TerraTrue’s privacy workflows will incorporate those best practices – letting your privacy program keep up without being slowed down.

understand rights with ease

Make it easier for consumers to understand & exercise their rights

Clearly and explicitly disclose how you’re using consumer data — and ensure this aligns with the CCPA’s onerous data transparency obligations.


Put privacy at the heart of your product, with a single platform

A Californian who doesn’t trust your CCPA privacy program won’t entrust you with their data. When you put privacy at the heart of product development, you can build a culture of integrity and transparency. With TerraTrue’s privacy-by-design platform, your business can earn trust to help it stand apart from the competition.

Privacy should be proactive, see how it can be with TerraTrue

Catalog & map all your sensitive, customer, and employee data — across every product, release, and B2B context.

Rest assured that what you’re building can be adapted to stay compliant regardless of regulatory changes in the future.

Simplify regulatory reporting and analysis by mapping data flows, processing activities, and third-party data sharing.

Ready to get privacy right?

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