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Box of GDPR requirements.

One platform for GDPR compliance

Embed privacy-by-design into all your product releases, feature updates, and third-party reviews with our intuitive, easy-to-use platform for continuous compliance with the GDPR.

Build privacy into your product, and scale compliance for the future

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automated robot

Ditch the spreadsheet with automated and accurate ROPAs

Conduct, maintain, and automatically update ROPAs every time a new product or feature goes to market.

being accountable

Stay accountable for all your data processing activities

Leverage automated workflows and intelligent ML-augmented recommendations for accountability.

identify the right processes

Identify the right basis for processing for everything you do

Smart guidance helps you navigate the GDPR’s gray areas, so you can identify the correct basis for data processing every time.

understand rights with ease

Streamline your DPIA and LIA drafting process

Say goodbye to repetitive DPIAs and LIAs – we’ll figure out for you when a DPIA or LIA is needed, and we’ll help you repurpose existing LIAs or DPIAs to help you spin new ones up faster.

cross-border data

Manage cross-border data transfers with confidence

Keep track of all your cross-border data transfer mechanisms for a post-privacy Shield, Schrems II world.

find things with single click

Find everything with a single click

Discover where, when, and how data has been used for product development and third-party vendors.


Align your practices with your policies

Align your DSAR protocols with applicable guidance across jurisdictions, ranging from Europe to California, whether it involves deletion, access, or correction.


Track all your compliance efforts, with one platform

Empower your teams with a single source of truth for data protection. Collaborate in real-time, streamline workflows, reduce privacy bottlenecks, map data flows, automatically maintain up-to-date ROPAs for Article 30, and put privacy at the heart of product development.

Build privacy into everything you do with TerraTrue

Rest assured that what you’re building will stay compliant with real-time, in-product guidance.

Get a centralized view into all your data — consumer, employee, and B2B.

Simplify regulatory reporting and analysis by mapping data flows, processing activities, and third-party data sharing. 

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