TerraTrue’s GitHub integration lets you associate pull requests with privacy reviews, so you can verify that products and features are developed exactly as approved.

This article will help you configure the GitHub integration. We also have a detailed guide with information about how to use the integration and troubleshoot any issues.


Step 1: Enable the integration in org settings

To enable the GitHub integration, first go to your org settings and turn on the “Enable GitHub” toggle. Once enabled, you’ll see a URL and Secret to add to your GitHub repositories.

Github integration field.

Step 2: Configure your GitHub webhooks

An admin of your GitHub account will need to configure a webhook for each repository you’d like to integrate with TerraTrue. For each repository in GitHub, go to Settings > Webhooks > Add Webhook. Then enter the URL and Secret provided by TerraTrue and set the content type to “application/json.” 

Configure github webhooks page.

Finally, update the webhook trigger by choosing “Let me select individual events” under the “Which events would you like to trigger this webhook?” header. Choose “Pull requests” from the available events and make sure all other events are unselected.

Github event check boxes.