The Questionnaires setting lets you customize TerraTrue by adding new questions and guidance to the Data Spec or creating entirely standalone workflows. TerraTrue customers use questionnaires to consolidate all product review in a single place, whether to address security-by-design, flag trust-and-safety issues, or anything else where they want to bring scale and speed to product counseling.

Creating custom questionnaires

To create a new questionnaire, head to the Custom Questionnaire setting and select the “Blank” template under “Create a questionnaire.” The questionnaire creation page is split into Build and Configure tabs. The Build tab lets you design your questionnaire by adding a title, a description, and as many questions as you’d like (multiple choice, textbox, checkbox, yes/no, file upload).

The Configure tab provides four options:

  • Display in Data Spec integrates your questionnaire directly into Data Specs for one seamless flow. By default, questionnaires are standalone workflows.
  • Enable risk scoring lets you assign risk levels to different answers so you can auto-assess the outcome of a questionnaire.
  • Visibility lets you specify whether you’d like the questionnaire to always appear or only appear conditionally. By default, questionnaires are always visible, but you can trigger them to appear only when the launch contains a new data use, a particularly sensitive data type, and more! This conditional logic is a powerful way to ensure your teams go through the right workflows when they need to do, but never have to slog through one if it would be irrelevant to the launch they’re working on.
  • Send responses to Google Sheets lets you automatically store questionnaire responses in Google Sheets.