TerraTrue is a complete out-of-the-box privacy program that helps you tackle privacy assessments, data mapping, and more. Whether you’re building a privacy program from scratch or trying to scale your existing program, TerraTrue gives you the tools you need to run a world-class, scalable privacy program that won’t frustrate product teams.

TerraTrue’s 3-step privacy workflow is simple and flexible:

  1. A user creates a launch. A launch is simply a ticket that identifies an upcoming product, feature, process, or anything else that needs review. At many companies, a Product Manager often creates launches to signal to the privacy team that they’ll need a privacy review soon.
  2. A user completes a Data Spec. The Data Spec captures how the launch will collect, use, retain, and share personal data. The Data Spec creates a digital blueprint of the feature you’re building and powers the speed and scale of your TerraTrue privacy program. At many companies, a Product Manager, Product Counsel, or Engineer will complete the Data Spec. The important point is to find a person close to the product who knows how it will work.
  3. A privacy reviewer completes a Privacy Worksheet. The Privacy Worksheet is an intelligent workflow that identifies and documents privacy risks, solutions, and safeguards. Privacy Worksheets are usually completed by privacy specialists within a company, but we’ve tried to make them simple enough that anyone can complete a thorough privacy review.

We’ve designed TerraTrue so you can use it right away, but you may find it helpful to learn more about how TerraTrue works or configure a few settings before creating your first launch.