Google Sheets integration steps

Revoking Google authentication

When the configuration of a spreadsheet is removed, TerraTrue will check to see if there are any other spreadsheets owned by that spreadsheet owner linked to questionnaires. If there are not any more spreadsheets linked to the user, then the Google authentication for the user will be revoked and the authorization tokens will be removed from TerraTrue. This is done so that TerraTrue does not have access to your Google Drive when not needed.

A user can also manually revoke access to their Google Drive by navigating to their permissions and removing the Launch Management application from Third Party Applications.

  1. Navigate to your Google account permissions here.
  2. On the Google Account screen in the Third-party apps with account access section, click on Launch Management.
Giving launch management access to Google Drive.

3. Click on the Remove Access button.

Launch Management permission's overview for Google Drive.

Once access is removed, any spreadsheets linked to you will no longer be updated and TerraTrue will not have access to any files in your Google Drive.